Wednesday, June 26, 2019



Walkway cycle trail rock sculptures
 wooden sculptures 
cheese seating
 pipe for Jumping can crawling through pipe archway 
gazebo into Orchard flowers on archway -Grow your own food Learn to cook
 butterfly garden with  caterpillars and cocoons 
Garden with herbs and spices 
Garden signs for native trees 
Flower gardens
 native plants from our local area 

Kokatahi -Kowhitirangi School would like the opportunity to win the $10,000 to enhance and develop our school's outdoor learning Environment. We have ideas for how we can further develop our outdoor areas for educational purposes.

 My idea is that we make educational spaces to help us work and study plants and improve our gardens.

  We would love to plant more trees and vegetables and fruit trees.  We would love to build a bird watching platform in a tree so we can study the birds that we see from the bird watching platform that we have never seen before.

We would love to make a maze of native trees and we can learn about native trees, it is like an educational maze.

I would like to have a bike track around the school and have ramps and tracks around the jumps and berms and humps and hollows and tunnels.

We have three house groups of plant colours and we would love to get plants in the colours of the house groups. The colours are purple for Māhoe, red for Rātā,  and yellow for Kōwhai. 

I think that  Kokatahi -Kowhitirangi School should get the 10,000 dollars to develop the gardens, the native trees and the bike track with berms and jumps and humps and hollows., and tree houses with big swing bridges linked to each other.

We would love to have an orchid like this click here for the orchid model.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The spooky woods.

my next learning step is surface features. Edit for spelling, punctuation and other errors. 
The spooky woods.
I was walking  slowly through the  dark and spooky wood’s  located in  he western part of  New Zealand.  There was a humongous  amount of  damp  leaves,damp trees and  brown murky water.  And then there was   deer then I  aimed my  gun at the deer then  bang bang  the chase had started it was running very fast  and I crept a good pace stopping to see if I was still on the trail.  Then   started running again for a couple more minutes  hen I stopped to see if I was still on the trail  I looked and I couldn’t find the trail then i turned around and walked back until I saw the blood trail and it was still fresh and  I starter to follow the trail for 2 hours  hen I saw the deer in a grass flat laying down  then I went up to the deer then it got up and started running all over again.  I was running for the rest of the day and  it happened again so I had my gun out this time then I saw the deer in a grass flat at the bottom of the mountain  t was very sketchy and slippery I nearly fall of  the mountain  when I  got to the bottom of the  mountain  I shot it  again bang  bang bang  then it was dead finally and I had to set up camp right there  and I cout the deer up and put in the deer meat into the bags  and then i went to sleep  then in the morning at 1:35 iIstarted to walk back to my ute.